Paranormal Research Society of Lowestoft /
                                 Lowestoft Haunting's.

We are a Uniformed Team that carry ID badges to say who we are. We are a close team that all work in the local area with good local knowledge of Lowestoft and some of its surrounding area. As a team we DO NOT CHARGE a penny for any private or business investigations. We are a non-for-profit team of volunteers all with a keen interest in all aspects of the paranormal. Since the birth of PRSL in 2012 we have already investigated a wide variety of locations. Whether it’s a private residence or a famous public place all investigations are treated with the up-most respect. We have done a lot of combined operations with other teams, are quite well known within the paranormal community and are respected by many. Our aim is to provide assistance to families and businesses and to reassure them that they are not going crazy. We will respect your views, ethnicity and your beliefs and will LISTEN to your claims and help you where help is needed. If we can’t help you we will pass you onto another team. We will treat your claim with the up-most confidence unless you would like it published to the world. We are 100% friendly, dependable and professional. If you would like to view our team and get to know them, go to Meet The Team.

PRSL always work very hard around the time of an investigation, and most of what you see is very little compared to how much is actually being done. We undertake a great deal of historical research, a full Health and Safety survey and Risk Assessments prior to any investigation. This includes a visit with the Core Team prior to the full investigation. After an investigation, we have sometimes hours and hours of data to sift through and scrutinize - photographs, video and audio. Every anomaly, every unusual sound and every unusual occurrence is documented, verified and scrutinized by our Core Team. If needed sent off for a second opinion.

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